About Us

Upfront Resources Sdn Bhd is a leading licensed money lender in Malaysia with approved by the ministry of Housing & Local Government under the Money Lenders Act 1951. We specialize in offering Personal Loan, Land & Housing Loan and Mortgage Loan. We are always partnering with our customers to cater to their needs and interests. This is our priority and critical goal.

We are the top leading company in Malaysia that provides the fastest and most reliable services. Our money lender team have the best experience to help you. We understand about your specific needs for money lending facilities.

Company principles

We respect each customer
We believe that honesty and integrity to serve our customers, success will bring together companies and individuals. We will pursue our common success closely together.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our success

We attach great importance to a significant, close communication with our customers to establish a good relationship and systematic handling of customer troubles, we challenge stereotypes, a bold attempt to innovation, breaking the traditional approach of licensed money lender, to win greater success in the Malaysian market .

We attach importance to environmental change and development company

We strive to better understand customer needs
We create and provide first-class service, attitude advocate new ideas, and establish the image of success.
We work closely with customers to develop good relations with each other
Our company is a good corporate quality.

The company’s vision and commitment

The company is recognized as a licensed money lender services in Malaysia.

The company’s commitment

We know that our survival on the environmental and social responsibilities. So, we have to contribute to improve it, dress it, we must prove to our customers every day faster and better than our competitors, customers are our partners, the success of their company plays a decisive role, we must be satisfied customers’ wishes and solve their problems, because they are our future guarantee!

If you or your company or even your family members are facing financial problem, do not hesitate to call us now ! Your loan will be approved on secounds ,100 % get cash immediately.The Lowest Interest Rates and High Loan Amount.